How to Easily Produce 400 Pages of Writing a Day…?



Writing is the worst. I love it so much that I hate every second of it.

Not only am I tasking myself to write blog posts as often as I can (that’s the easy part), I have an approaching deadline for one of the most complicated screenplays I’ve ever written. Needless to say, every time I sit down to write, I end up just watching cat videos and crying.

know they’re not sad, this is what I’m saying. My hatred of writing is a serious problem.

But I’m sure all you other writers can empathize. The Thomas Mann quote “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people” most likely rings true. Those moments where I’m in the zone, so focused on my writing that I don’t even notice someone  has sent me an IM (a modern-day accomplishment), are the moments I live for. Even if all I’m writing is crap, those times when I experience absolute concentration are blissful. 

But getting there is so. damn. hard.

This is not me giving you any advice, I’m afraid. I don’t have any to give, because I’m a terrible writer. This is not even me trying to promote cheap discussion. This is me begging you for help. Pity me.

What are your methods? What do you do to stay concentrated?



4 thoughts on “How to Easily Produce 400 Pages of Writing a Day…?

  1. Well hey, come on now, a cat video here and there along with a good cry is not all that bad.
    I think that the key to getting out of a writing funk is to just stop thinking about writing entirely.
    I enjoy such things as looking at real estate in countries I will never be able to afford, researching historical oddities, trying to pick up a few new swear words in other languages, or forcing my dog to finally learn how to roll over.
    Anything that will take your mind away from what you really should be doing could give you that fresh start your looking for when you come back to it after a reasonable amount of time that doesn’t border on procrastination. And then you will be able to write.
    I could be wrong though….I myself am a terrible terrible writer.

    • Thanks for the tip. I think you’re probably right, even when I’m doing other things (like watching cat videos) deep down my mind is still fixated on all the writing I should be doing. Which is not a fun time. I probably need to just treat it as a “refresher” and revisit the writing later. Thanks for commenting!

  2. As you can probably tell from the lack of posts on my blog, I have even fewer answers than you. I do, however, feel much less alone now.

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