What is Yoga?

derp yoga

Like, really… what is it?

Should I do it?

What’s it going to do to me?

Will I die?

Will anybody see me when I’m doing it?

Why do you do it?

Can you teach me?

Can I watch you do yoga?

Can I not, actually, that’s weird?

Is that weird?

Is it hard to do?

Is it scary?

Do you die?

What do I wear?

Can I do it without one of those purple things?

What purple things?

Can I do it anywhere?

Is it expensive?

Can I do it for free?

Can you teach me for free?


I really want to try it. But I need these questions answered first.


16 thoughts on “What is Yoga?

  1. I was in this place once, too. I bought a yoga mat, I bought Rodney Yee’s video Yoga Burn, and I learned how to do yoga in my living room. That video is so good that I became a believer in yoga. I only just recently went to my first actual yoga class with my girlfriend because she had been to a million classes before. Not only did I feel like I totally knew what the instructor was talking about, but I felt totally prepared and I did better than a lot of the other people there. So, Yoga Burn. Seriously. You can get it, and the mat, at Target. <3

  2. Went to a Yoga-thon thing (yeah, those are the best words I can come up with). I digress, apparently it was hot yoga & I had the wrong mat, I did not have a towel or a spray bottle. The beautiful yoga people in front of me were apparently on break from Cirque du Soleil (not at all intimidating). In the end, I did really like it but I would absolutely need a beginners class. (FYI…Thin yoga mat, not the thick one you think looks more comfortable)

  3. Jesus you make me smile when nothing else does sometimes. Funny post.
    Now re-read your list of questions and swap out the subject YOGA for something else-like paying the bills, or kissing, or dancing…super funny.

    psssst…I’m a ‘pretend’ yoga’er. Meaning I use to do it but haven’t in at least 6mths, however I still have my yoga mat and yoga dvd’s/guide laying about for visitors to see. And when they ask me if I ‘do’ yoga, I say YES. Really.

    • Haha glad to make you smile! These questions were definitely representing a moment of panicked hesitancy, and can be applied to almost anything I’m anxious about. Which is a lot. Not quite sure why the idea of yoga intimidates me so much… Probably because I don’t have a mat. If I were to just go out and buy a mat, I’d feel better.

  4. Yoga! You won’t die, I suppose, but who knows for sure, really? Personally, I don’t want to die doing the downward facing mountain dog. Which is why I don’t do yoga. And that the mental picture of me trying to balance on a little mat while sweating my face off makes me laugh. Here’s a question for everyone else though:
    if someone farts during yoga class, does everyone ignore it? Am I allowed to laugh if it was me? If it was someone else? What if I can’t stop laughing?
    Because this would happen to me.

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