Ctrl+Z in Real Life


I may be an idiot, but I know some of you idiots will be able to relate to me on this one: Making a little mistake, such as erasing the wrong word on a whiteboard or spilling your drink, and experiencing that sudden twitch of your pinky and middle finger. The twitch that, normally so powerful when working within your computer, tragically does nothing for you in the real world.

The world is cold. And cannot be undone by hotkeys.

I rely on Ctrl+Z heavily as I work. So much so that my pinky has become really whiney about reaching up to the backspace key. It says it’s “not as flexible” as it was in its younger years, but my pinky has always been a little bit of a naysayer in general.

The hardest part about my life right now is that I have to work on a PC at work, then a Mac at home. The Undo hand position is ever-so-slightly different between the two. I spend the work day getting used to the more spread out Ctrl+Z on my PC, then go home and accidentally blow up my Macbook. Then of course, the cramped Command+Z position becomes habit and the cycle starts over again at work.

This morning, I was struggling through both a spreadsheet and my coffee. The caffeine hadn’t kicked in yet, and my general impression of the work I was doing contained words like: “What is… Why… Go HERE. Okay. No. That’s not. What?”

Then I made a mistake. My brain thought “Command+Z… wait… Ctrl…. JUST DO IT.” But my hands weren’t on the keys. Where were they supposed to go, again?

I reached across to the left side of the keyboard with my right hand. The coffee cup was in the way.


The porcelain mug slammed down on my desk. Coffee everywhere. All over me. All over the keys.

No twitch of my fingers could ever undo what I had just done. My dense sweater was soaked, and the caffeine buzz never came.

Maybe it’s time for me to Command+Q my job.


9 thoughts on “Ctrl+Z in Real Life

  1. I find it both amazing & annoying as hell how talented I am at ‘undo’ when I think I am actually typing. I swear, there are days that the keyboard just changes commands on it’s own…’if she hovers near any key on the right, I will open 4 windows, change the language, font & zoom just for fun’.

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