What’s the Creepiest Possible Word to Whisper?

creepy word

My snarky little coworker said something out of nowhere the other day:

“You know what’s a super creepy word? Fantasy.”

“Blugh. You’re right,” I said. “You know what’s even creepier?”


Fantasies. Plural.”


Since we’re both writers at work, we use this company time to have these kinds of discussions. It’s like we’re young Mavericks rediscovering the little intricacies of the English language that would have normally remained forgotten and unappreciated if it weren’t for our efforts.

“You know what’s even creepier?”


She whispers: Fantasies.”

From there, we spent the rest of the day coming up with words. Normally innocent words, yet trying to find the one word in the English language that is made creepiest when whispered.







The method she used to test the creepiness of each word was to sneak behind my chair and whisper it into the back of my neck to see how high my goosebumps rose. Or, when our boss decided that this activity “wasn’t work,” my coworker would IM the words to me with little asterix’s around them.


Not quite as effective.

If you think of any creepier words, would you tell me?



16 thoughts on “What’s the Creepiest Possible Word to Whisper?

  1. *tomorrow*
    …..I dislike that it has to be single words-fyi.

    Also, YOU might possibly be the most interesting, funny, creative, cerebral person I DON’T know. Yes, that’s a compliment.

    • The one-word rule is a special one. It’s way harder to come up with one-word answers. But if you have some good 2+ word options, I would love to hear them.

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