If You Read Blogs, What’s Wrong With You?


So this is a blog. Hi, blog.

My relationship with writing is an interesting one. I do it daily, and I do it with all the focus and love of an under-appreciated mom. In fact, everything about how I write reminds me of this haggard, gnarly-looking mom nursing a barfing seven-year-old back to health. It’s not pretty, but at the same time… it’s kind of something.

Not to say my writing is something. It doesn’t have to be anything, not to you. This is the 1,794,003,893rdish blog ever created, so I realize by the time you get to it the words might taste a little stale.

But this isn’t about me. This is about you. Because I have a question. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know your background, and I’m sure your sexual orientation is just dandy. But this is something I really want to know:

Why do you read blogs?

Like, seriously, why?

I have never run a blog before, but I’ve seen countless of bloggers rise to stardom through Facebook shares of their most enlightening articles with alluring titles. And yes, the titles are alluring. But is that enough to convince you to spend ten, fifteen minutes out of your busy day to read the body of the article? And what if the writing is bad? You still read it, don’t you? (But the title was so misleadiiiinnnng.) Then what compels you to follow that blog?

Lots of kids are doing it these days. And if you’re one of them, I want to understand your motives. We are post-MTV, people. We got bored of music videos at some point. Our ADD is a survival mechanism now. Why is blogging hotter than ever?

Here’s the kicker: I am one of these people who loves to read blogs. (Har harr, I tricked you and now you’re reading an article about how awesome blogging is. Not.) There is something wrong with us, isn’t there? I don’t know your reasons for following the blogs that you do, but I know that mine are shaky and not my best points of argument:

a) The more I click my mouse, the more productive I feel.

b) Fifteen minutes is much less of a commitment than two hours.

c) There’s just something about writing.

And what is that something? I don’t know.

Here’s the real kicker:

Yes, this is my first blog. No, this is certainly not my first time blogging. I make my full-time income by blogging. I make my side income by blogging. I get paid to output 500-word articles consistently under the name of an alias, and I get paid fairly well.

These articles are crap.

They’re cheap attempts at link-building for companies who can’t do any better themselves. I write 2-3 articles every day about subjects I know very little about, and I publish them on any site that will take them. And people read them. I see comments asking me for further information: how else can I improve my heart health? You’ve inspired me, do you think I should change my shaving habits?

I ignore these comments. Because it is not in my job description to further my content beyond that article. That, and I don’t know the answers.

Yes, I am a writer. I write for pleasure, but never for others to see. I feel guilty for the content I’ve spewed onto the internet, and this new blog is in no means an attempt to make it right.

This is just a tired mom telling their kid they are the coolest kid in school. And there are a lot of way cooler kids out there.

So, if you’re still interested, I’ll have plenty of obnoxiously-certain insights to share with you. I don’t know why on Earth you’d be interested. But you can bet that I’m interested in you, too.

I love to read your writing, internet. There’s just something about it.


21 thoughts on “If You Read Blogs, What’s Wrong With You?

  1. “I feel guilty for the content I’ve spewed onto the internet”
    I started my blog because I figured I could put my crap out there too. (I don’t feel guilty though. I don’t think mine stinks the worst.)

    • If it’s personal and genuine, then I don’t think it can be considered as “crap.” And of course you should never feel guilty, your posts are entertaining. Unfortunately, the stuff I put out for work is stuff that people don’t need and doesn’t really entertain.

    • That’s a great point. I’d say that’s probably a more eloquent way to state why I like them so much, too. People are just so interesting, way more so than fictional television characters to me.

  2. I’ve never been a blog reader, but I think I just became one. Why? Because I laughed so much reading yours that endorphins are coursing through my veins like heroin and I’m sure I’ll need a fix tomorrow. Btw, how did you become a writer for these companies you mentioned?

    • Glad you enjoyed, Jane! I found the job through an SEO company. Unfortunately, I think the position is slowly becoming obsolete as Google has been cracking down on spammy content.

  3. ireadblogsandeverythingiswrongwithme.

    i read. a LOT. well, not as much as I used to, but I used to take in tons and tons of information a day. Maybe not so much bloggy stuff (the fact that these platforms gives anyone with 3/4 of a brain the right to publish their thoughts and feel accomplished is a double-edged sword. one edge is sharper than the other. I’m still trying to figure out which.) I now use an RSS reader to plug in all the feeds I want to read. That’s what I do during my free time. flip through blogs and articles. I use “Pocket” to save articles I want to devour and save for later.

    But yea. As for blogs, I read them because I’m fascinated by people. Not so much them being around me (ugh, esp the smelly ones) but because here, I can get to know the weird ones and empathize without my face betraying that I’d rather be at home, reading their blog.

    • I am most definitely torn between my love for people on WordPress and my annoyance of them being physically around me. It’s a real thing. Thanks for the thought!

  4. I don’t have time to read a lot of blogs, but when I read something I like I know it. It’s a lot like meeting a new person that you immediately sense this is someone you want to get to know. I love words – no I love the correct use of words to express something bigger than the words alone. I want to read people who do that well. I want to learn from others how to do that better. I enjoy that words can touch people’s minds and souls. They can.

    • I agree. I feel that, for the most part, people are more tactful and open with their written words, as opposed to their spoken words. A lot of people have a lot to say, they just don’t speak as well as they write. You get to know a lot of people this way.

  5. Oh my goodness!! I laughed AGAIN. Actually, a bunch of times!! I mean it: I never thought of myself as someone who thinks in pictures…but the picture of God’s finger reaching out and touching the finger of His creation came to mind!

    What does it mean? It means — w a i t f o r i t . . . — I believe who you are has touched who I am.

    Go figure.

    Why do I read blogs? Heck if I know. So many turn my brain stir-crazy: there’s so much blah blah blah. Okay, so that’s what others say about mine. Fair game.

    But, this is why I tried a third time…

    I’m alive. I’m looking for … life.

    There you were.

    p.s. You write really well. That helps!

  6. You had me in stitches… and for the record, I did spend more than 15 minutes reading your cool blog. Yeah!
    By the way, thanks for your visit and comments on my blog. I appreciate your time :)

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